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Let's face it, most of you know me pretty well by now. Even if you don't feel like you know me personally, you pretty much get the gist of my personal style.

I love classic. I love mixing trends with classic pieces. I love non-fussy-ness (totally a word). I'm NOT the girl who dresses up in tutus, shoulder pads, and hot-pants for the sake of a blog post. I post what I actually wear. I never like to look like an outfit is too planned and I definitely never like to look like I've tried too hard. Because with personal style, you shouldn't have to.
I like to keep it real.

I dress in what makes me comfortable and I'll never step out in something that I feel ridiculous in. I dress for myself in a way that reflects my personal style. I never dress for the sake of shock value for others.  If something strikes me as fun, I'll wear it. If something makes me feel good, I'll wear it. You'll often find me removing an accessory before I decide to take photos or leave the house. I just go for what feels right to me.

Fashion and personal style doesn't have to be in your face or something that absolutely blows your mind. It just has to feel and look right to me, simple as that.  So simple outfits like this are sometimes the absolute best in my book (and often, the ones that draw the most compliments!).

For me, there's nothing better than a breezy white top, simple accessories, and some distressed jeans.

 ...metallic Birkenstocks never hurt anyone either. ;)

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white tank//(similar) (similar) (similar)
Ray Ban sunglasses
Louis Vuitton bag

So my point is, do what makes YOU feel good! Dress for yourself. Establish a personal style, get inspired, and go your own way with your fashion choices. Never feel like you can't wear something because "so and so" wouldn't wear that. Let's face it, "so and so" isn't you and doesn't really look all that great anyway. ;)  So feel good and be happy this week, Loves!

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Haul! Sephora, VS, Tom Ford, Armani

Hello and Happy Monday, Loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend I spent some quality time with my Bestie, which (of course) included cupcakes, girl talk, and lots o' shopping.

Oh, if Sprinkles delivered...  Wait a second, do they deliver?? I may need to look in to that.

But back to the shopping part...
I picked up some awesome new beauty goodies at Sephora and Neiman's that I'm so excited to share with you guys! I also grabbed a few new clothing items as well that I will be sharing in an upcoming video this week. Stay tuned. ;)

Check out the video below for all the beauty goodies! I hope you enjoy it!

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How to depot NARS eye shadows with floss (no heat)

For years I've struggled with the idea of depotting my beloved NARS eye shadows. I'd love to have them all in one, easy-to-access spot where I can work from multiple shades at once to create a look without having to to open each NARS compact that I own to find exactly what I need. For one, you can't see inside of them (they all look alike from the outside), and my biggest struggle can be with the names. I obviously don't have them all memorized and especially with the duos, remembering the exact duo of shades inside can be difficult.
While I've been really comfortable with depottting MAC shadows in the past, I am not so familiar with depotting NARS shadows. Everything I've seen about the subject suggests a lighter is the only way to go.  Burning a hole through the bottom of the packaging and subjecting my family and myself to burning plastic fumes isn't really my cup of tea.
So I've been skeered.

So when I discovered that I could do this without heat by sliding floss between the pans and the packaging, (and that it was actually super easy), I couldn't resist sharing.

I'm so excited to finally put my Z Palette to use with this project!  While I depotted two NARS duos during this tutorial, I had amazing luck with every single NARS shadow I own. I'll share an update video soon and show you how the entire palette turned out. It will sort of be a way to share with you guys my complete NARS eye shadow collection as well.

So if you're curious about how I do this, check out my video tutorial below!

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First OOTD with "the bump"

First off, thank you all SO much for your sweet comments and well-wishes for us yesterday! We just couldn't be more thrilled!!

So today I thought I'd share my look I wore out to dinner for my birthday last night.  The first "real" look with the bump. Since it's still small, I've been doing a lot of looser-fitting options lately just because while this first phase is cute, it's not super flattering in a tighter top just yet if you know what I mean. #ijustlookbloated

I have been LIVING for comfy maxi dresses lately. This one is awesome because it's not technically a "maternity" dress. I'm thinking my maternity style definitely won't be "maternity" exclusive, so there will still be something for everyone! Basically, my style has been pretty easy and effortless lately.
Nothin' easier than a maxi dress.  But you know me, I like to add a little something different to make them a little more interesting. So once again, I busted out my tallest gladiator sandals.

sandals//Steve Madden
necklace//Baublebar (similar)
sunglasses//Ray Ban
handbag//Louis Vuitton

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I hope you all have had a wonderful week so far!!

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