90's Makeup Tutorial: UD Pulp Fiction Palette

Oh, 90's makeup...

This trend is EVERYWHERE right now! Sometimes I cringe a bit when I hear a decade followed by the word "trend" where makeup is concerned. It can get a bit crazy. Because no decade can really be defined with one specific look, I like to combine my favorite makeup trends from the decade to create something really gorgeous and wearable. Of course, this one has lots of 90's makeup little tricks as well (think blush on your forehead and powdered lips).

This one is especially fun because the 90's aren't too terribly far in our past.  Funny enough, lots of what defines a more "current" look of today is greatly inspired by this decade. I was surprised to discover that my go-to makeup style is very 90's! Hey, no shame. My earliest "real" experimenting with makeup took place in the 90's so it makes sense.

I really had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you guys will try it! Check out my full tutorial below for a complete step-by-step tutorial to get this look...

::products used::
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation 
Nars translucent crystal setting powder 
Anastasia Brow Wiz 
Tarte CC Colored Clay Eye Primer 
Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eye Palette  
Kat Von D Tatto Liquid Liner 
Chanel Volume de Chanel Mascara 
IT Cosmetics CC Ombre bronzer Warm Radiance 
Chanel Angled brush 
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light 
MAC Prep+Prime Radiant Rose 
Nars Madly blush 
Too Faced Perfect Lips Perfect Nude 
MAC Sweet Ever After Pro Longwear Lipcream
Anastasia Brow Gel Clear 

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Some nursery progress... lighting and nook plans

Ok, so last we left the nursery, it had gone from this...

To this...

...with the help of my sweet nursery-painting husband, and Sherwin Williams paint in Marshmallow.

You may notice the (de-boobed) boob light in the photo above. Not really anything I was super excited about. Also, the fan in the little nook area.  A lil' backstory... When the room had the bunk before, the previous owners must have swapped the fan (which was originally meant to be in the middle, large part of the room) with the little boob light because of the bunk bed. The last thing you need is a kid getting a fan blade to the head while climbing up to bed. So that made sense for that situation.
Problem was, the room is wired for the fan to be in the middle of the room. There are two switches on the wall that control that particular fixture box (one for the fan, one for the fan light), and then a third, single switch on the wall to control a singular fixture in the little nook.
While it worked with the fan, you couldn't control the fan and light separately and because the boob light was wired to a fan box (with two controls), one switch on the wall was useless.

So we figured it would make the most sense to put the fan back where it belonged so we could control it correctly from the entrance of the room and pick out something a little fun for the nook.

Here's the "little something fun" we picked out for the nook...

Well, I should say I picked it out. Brad isn't too choosy in the chandelier-picking-out department. I've been eyeing this beauty at Pottery Barn for years and years. My version is from Overstock, almost exactly the same, and best of all, a fraction of the price. But there are some differences...

It looks great once it's up, the glass accents are solid and heavy, and it's the perfect size for the room. It's not too large, and we can still easily walk beneath it. One of the reasons I didn't purchase this before for any spaces at our last or current home is because it's an odd size. To me, it's too small for over a dining table or a large room, but it's perfect for a smaller bedroom, or in our case, what will become our gal's little play nook.  It looks a bit young and whimsical too, which I love. 

The problem with this fixture is that you have to definitely work for that cost savings. Brad (or my dad who is a retired electrician) always wires our fixtures within reach, which is never a big deal. Brad can get a fixture put up in no time (he had the fan hung and wired in less than 10 minutes). But this fixture was totally unassembled. Each arm and socket was completely separate, which meant the fixture itself had to be wired correctly before even wiring to the box in the ceiling. One. Million. Wires. It was ridiculously hard to get all of the correctly joined wires shoved into the small space at the bottom without loosening any of them.  It was a hassle. If you were going to hire an electrician to hang yours anyway (which you totally should always do if you aren't familiar with wiring fixtures), then they should do this step for you. But I guess in the long run, the trouble was worth the savings. There was seriously a moment where we were going to put the whole thing back in the box and splurge for the Pottery Barn (assembled) version because it initially freaked us out a bit.

The fan is working out so much better in the main part of the room as well. We decided to use the one that was already there because it seems to be working perfectly and isn't hideous.  I'm really glad we were able to keep a ceiling fan in there and also have some fun with a chandelier. I'm a big believer in ceiling fans in bedrooms. Seriously couldn't survive without one.

About the little medallions around the fixtures on the ceiling... They're awesome. Seriously wish I would have put these on all the fixtures we swapped out when we moved in.  They're really cheap and you can get them at any "big box" home supply store. Seriously it makes such a big difference!

I keep referring to the little area as a "nook". Our plans for this space is to eventually have it house a lot of her play things. Just to keep things a little separate from the main part of the room. Plus, there's a little fun finished play area in one of the little wall spaces. I would have LOVED that as a kid!  Granted, I more than realize that when she becomes more playful and mobile, the whole room will likely look like a toy explosion, but it is nice to have a little designated area to put them all in.

I absolutely cannot wait to show you all the drapery and crib! So much progress has happened in there lately.  
My goal is to be pretty much done with the nursery sometime in December. I know it feels like we have forever to go, but I always knew I wanted to enjoy this whole nursery-decorating process and not be stressing at the last minute. Since this is a home we want to stay in for a very long time, I wanted to go ahead and really create her her own special place here that she can grow into.  I figured that since parts of October, November, and pretty much all of December will be pretty busy for us, it would be best to get the major stuff out of the way now.  Since she's due in January (and I'm thinking I'll definitely not be into doing anything too major around that time), I'm glad it's coming along at a great pace so far!

We also made a pretty big change in the family room! So much to share in the next few weeks. We'll talk about all that soon... ;)

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Current Favorite CC Cream Review & Demo: SUPERGOOP


This CC Cream... Yeah, It's pretty amazing stuff.

I know, I know... The foundation kick I'm on continues (spoiler alert...It's only going to get worse in the coming weeks). BUT, out of all my latest discoveries, this may be the best.  I could go on and on about it and make this post super wordy and lengthy (restrain yourself, Tiffany... restrain yourself...).  So feel free to watch the video below for all the details and a demo to see exactly how the stuff actually covers and works.

Or, I can hit the high points for ya below if you don't have time to watch (definitely leaving out quite a bit that is covered in the video, but you get the idea).

  • amazing coverage
  • doesn't leave any greasy residue and really "sets" to your skin 
  • holds up super well on oily skin 
  • versatile (can be used as a primer under foundation for more coverage, or on it's own)
  • feels clean and light
  • natural-looking
  • good ingredients and a good SPF
  • self-adjusting shades
  • a little goes a very long way

  • I have to mix 2 shades to get my perfect shade (fair-light and light-medium)
  • only 3 shades to choose from (they're VERY different, hence mixing two)

So without saying, you can probably tell I love the stuff. It's definitely been my go-to product for weeks now. I like to replace my skincare in the morning with it (instead of using moisturizer/spf, I use this) and it perfects my skin enough to where I don't feel like I have to apply a ton of makeup afterward, or at all.  Most of the time, I'll apply my foundation over it and that works out great as well. Since it's not heavy at all and feels very "set" and, to me, almost primer-like, it works beautifully like this.

So have any of you guys tried this one?? What are your thoughts??

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Nursery Update 1... PAINT and Tips

Finally, a nursery update! So y'all have probably noticed that there hasn't been a whole lot of regular home-bloggin' going on around here, but it's mainly because where our home is concerned, the main focus has been on getting the nursery all ready for our baby girl.

Last we spoke about this space, we had removed the bunk bed that was built in (and taking up a lot of space).

Seriously it's deceiving how much space this was taking up. So we removed it and it really opened up the room.

We were left with lots of unevenness in the sheetrock where the bed connected to the walls, some huge anchoring bolts sticking out of the wall that literally broke off as Brad removed pieces of the bed, and lots of paint to touch up.

So Brad sawed off the bolts with a Dremel tool and patched and sanded the walls.  Only thing left to do was choose a paint color.

 We thought about using the existing paint color (I was pretty sure I knew what it was), but the more I looked at it, the more I wasn't too thrilled with how yellow-beige it looked against all the stark white trim, especially since I'd be bringing in some pink tones to the room. I just thought it wouldn't look quite right.  The issue with choosing a color was that it would have to be something that we could continue along the ceiling as well like the old color did. If we had just painted to the ceiling, the existing color on the ceiling would have really looked beige and out of place.  The room has a pitched ceiling in certain places too, so I didn't want to just slap up some white paint on the ceiling and then do a stripe of color just on the walls above the bead board. I felt like it would be pretty choppy-looking.

So I knew we'd have to choose a shade that was a bit light and bright so it wouldn't look too enclosing continued all over the ceiling as well. Because of all the stark white trim in there on the bead board, it made it easier to pull off a lighter and brighter color without looking too plain because all the tones show up against the stark white.
Sounds a bit confusing, but stick with me...

So I chose a shade technically in the "white" color family, but with a lot of pink tones.  The color is Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams.

This was taken when the paint was still a bit wet, so you can see a bit of it drying still on the ceiling.

I remembered this shade because I had considered it for our foyer but ultimately ruled it out because it read very pink compared to other whites with different tones. So I knew it would be pretty perfect for our gal's room. We really love how it came out.

This was Brad's first painting adventure solo. He did such an amazing job (and was so happy when it was all done).

Funny because if you painted this shade in a regular room with no stark white trim (like the large area of bead board on the wall) it wouldn't read as pink. I've seen photos of this color used throughout entire homes! It's just crazy how different whites can be.  Anyone that has seen the nursery in person has commented on what a pretty soft pink it is.

While I'm no painting expert (and while Brad did amazing considering it was his first go-round doing a whole room by himself), we do have some tips to share (if you've followed for a while, you know I've painted almost every room in our homes). These were the main ones I passed on to Brad when he began painting the nursery:

  • Don't waste money on plastic paint tray liners! Buy a metal paint tray once, and cover it with heavy duty aluminum foil before pouring paint in. Easy clean-up, and you can re-use the (clean) metal paint tray indefinitely.
  • Skip painter's tape if you have a steady hand and go around all the trim, doorways, corners, ceiling, etc. with an angled brush first, then use a roller to fill-in.  This is just the basic way to paint and it works. Saves time, tape, and your sanity.  If you've ever taped-off an entire room, you know what I mean.
  • When you use the roller, roll suuuuper sloooooow. Seriously ridiculously slow. Even if you don't think you're dripping anything, you'll leave tiny micro-splatters (totally a legit thing) all over the room and yourself.
  • Drop cloths and broken-down cardboard boxes are your friend. You can lay out all your paint supplies on the flattened cardboard box and move it all around the room wherever you need it. And drop cloths... just use them to cover nice things you don't want to remove.

So the moral of this story is that we're really happy with the paint, and to also never overlook colors in the white family for rooms. They can be pretty perfect when you don't want the focus of a room to be the walls, but still want to complement the tones in the decor you're going to add. One in the perfect tone can change the whole feel of the room without being so "in your face".

So as I've mentioned in many of my pregnancy vlogs, the nursery has come a lot farther than this! While it's still kind of a mess (no super pretty after photos in this one, sorry!), there's a lot more progress to share like lighting, window treatments, the crib (!), etc. So I'll definitely keep you updated on our progress in the coming weeks!

As always, thank you all for being so happy for us and so supportive as we share this special time with you all. It's obviously a huge part of our life right now and we couldn't be happier to be experiencing all of it and being able to share it!