Spring/Summer Foundation Routine & AMBIENT POWDER GIVEAWAY!

For me, when the weather warms up, my foundation routine changes. I like a more simple routine consisting of fewer, more lightweight products.  This current routine has been so perfect for me lately, that I just had to share!

In addition to the tutorial, to celebrate all this wonderful warm weather, I also wanted to share some of the Ambient Lighting Powder love with you all.  So I decided to do a little giveaway with probably the best Ambient Lighting product ever... The Ambient Lighting Powder palette. When it made it's debut months and months ago, it quickly sold out (not surprising). Well, now it's back at Sephora and readily available! *Get all the details for the giveaway at the bottom of the post!  I hope all of you get the chance to enter!!

So I went pretty in-depth for this tutorial... I didn't want to skip anything! I just think perfecting your skin is probably the most important step in your entire makeup routine. If you get your skin right, everything just works! I hope you enjoy it!

Products Used:
Lorac 3D gloss in Polished
Sigma Beauty brushes: DISCOUNT: Save 10% off your entire Sigma Beauty purchase! Click here  and enter code "TIFF10" at checkout
not shown:

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Beauty Samples Idea...

Gotta love when a decor post has a little bit of beauty and makeup mixed right in...

While yesterday's closet tour post/video already related to decor, I still didn't want to skip this week's decor post completely so I thought I'd share a simple little idea that I guarantee everyone reading this post can do. Seriously, you've got the stuff to do this, I promise.

Especially if you shop at Sephora, which I know a lot of you all do!

If you're like me and shop there often (or any other beauty store really), you've probably got a shameful hoarding situation stash of various samples somewhere in your house that you're not... sampling.  When I was rearranging my makeup/filming area in my closet last week, I found a big basket of them.  When I looked in, all the colors of the different sample packaging was kind of pretty. Which gave me an idea...

I grabbed one of my big apothecary jars from a kitchen cabinet that contains a hoarding situation all it's own. I also have a shameful stash of apothecary jars of various sizes, but that's a whole other story.

For more on our guest bathroom makeover, check out this post!

So I dumped them in a big jar and placed it atop the counter of our guest bathroom grouped with a yummy-scented candle and possibly the cutest little Hermes travel soap and dish I ever did see.  I grabbed that at a hotel I stayed at in Minneapolis a few years ago. Not from the nightstand or anything... But all of their little free travel toiletries were Hermes!! Inside is the most precious orange-scented soap. Sort of regretting not snagging a few more (or 27) of them while I was there.  Note to self: When you can get free Hermes anything (even travel soap), YOU TAKE IT.

Seriously cute, huh?

Such a fun way to add some color and put to use some of those samples that you may be stashing! Plus, it's fun for your guests to grab a few new things to try while they stay with you.

If you don't have any apothecary jars like this, no worries! You can use any clear container, vase, bowl, anything! Be creative.

Speaking of apothecary jars, this little update made me bust out my big jar of bath bombs from underneath the cabinet in there that I had never found a real place for. So I just placed it in a little basket by the tub.

This is my favorite way to store them because they stay fresh, are easy to see, and most of all, it just looks pretty.

Here are some canister ideas!

So what do you guys think? What do you do with all those little samples??

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Updated Closet and Makeup/Filming Area Tour!

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!

Since the little vanity/filming area switch-a-roo in my closet occurred, some of you have been curious about how it changed the overall set-up of the room and whole closet system arrangement.

It really made a huge difference!

Before I get ahead of myself, if you haven't seen my last few weeks' worth of videos, I decided to switch up my filming area a bit.  My main issue was that my vanity table where I do my makeup and film my videos got zero natural light. I was sick of all the weird lighting issues I was having so I decided to put my vanity area right in front of the window.

Seriously. Awesome.  Totally should've done that from the beginning.

Now, when I want to do my makeup, I can just sit down and go for it without turning on a million lights and blinding myself.  Plus, natural light is always best for doing makeup anyway.  Most of all, it's best for filming. 

Since the change-up, I've been so happy with how the lighting has looked in my videos. I still keep the little lights on the side (those on the little stands) just to add a little brightness when filming and they work like a charm.

The switch wasn't just a simple switch though. When the vanity moved to the window, two of the largest cabinets had to relocate as well.  

I was going to sort of turn this video/post into a review of the Ikea Pax system, but it would be the shortest review in history. One word = Awesome. The whole system is amazing and worth every penny. We're still so happy with them.

So we moved the Pax unit on the left (the one with my tops), over to the area where my Ikea Alex drawers (that hold all my makeup) used to live. Totally love those too.

That was NOT easy... 100% credit to Brad on that one. 
Then, I moved my purse cabinet (Ikea Hemnes) inside the little nook where the vanity table used to be. Thankfully, it fit perfectly.

That little area used to be the closet to this room.  I explain it more in the video, but basically, we have a huge master closet that we could have easily fit all of our things into together. But since I wanted to film at my real vanity (where I naturally get ready and didn't want to create a fake "set" for filming), I knew I'd need more space for the table and some natural light. Plus I wanted it to look pretty. 

So when we moved in to this house about a year ago, I decided to use this little room which is right next to ours. It's a funny little room that was probably meant for a nursery or something, as it's adjacent to the master, has no bathroom of it's own (the other bedrooms do), and is just far away from the other bedrooms but right next to ours.
So it just made sense. Meanwhile, Brad is chillin' with a mega-sized closet all to himself.  ;)  Well, we do keep other things in there like all of our coats and a large piece of furniture (super tall and wide chest of drawers) that is filled with his things anyway. So it works out perfectly
Most of all, I love that the closet is close by so it actually feels like a closet and not some random room. It's actually the same distance from our bedroom as the real closet is.

So that's the little backstory. Back to the details...

I woke up Waylon when I took this. He looks a little startled...haha. He loves this room. It must feel really cozy to him with all of my clothes.

Here's another shot of the little nook...

So this now holds my purse cabinet. SO happy I left that original closet rod/shelf at the top while my vanity was in there. Now, I have SO much more space to hang pants and long dresses.

But most of all, the new filming space/makeup area is awesome. 

So what do you all think??
Be sure to check out my new video below for more details on this space!!

mirrored vanity & armoire: Pier 1
necklace dome cloche: Pottery Barn
Ikea Pax closet system
Ikea Hemnes cabinets (glass front cabinet & two side towers)
Ikea Alex 6-drawer units (I stacked 2)
hangers (THE BEST HANGERS) The Container Store
paint color: Sherwin Williams China Doll
little chair: Frontgate Outlet find
curtains: Striped blackout curtains from Half Price Drapes
perfume tray: (no longer available) SIMILAR at West Elm

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More Shade... and Some Family Room Updates!

Well last night we finished hanging the rest of the bamboo shades in the family room and kitchen.

In last week's decor post (if you're new here, I throw in at least one home decor post a week), I updated you all on our dining room... the first room we converted from regular old white blinds to bamboo shades.

Well since we needed some custom sizes for one of the large family room windows and for the window above the sink, I searched the internet for affordable custom bamboo shades (which was kind of a joke considering most sites that claimed to be "affordable" would have charged upwards of at least $400 total for six more shades we needed).  I found the holy grail of bamboo shades, y'all. Seriously.

Overstock, you are my bro for life.

I went with these, mostly in the 74" length for most of our windows (with the exception of the kitchen sink window, which I got in a 54" length).  
I'm kind of obsessed with how you can select the exact size (width) you need, down to the inch for each and every window.

Oh, hi disgusting fan blade... Calling an electrician soon to swap it out for something lovely! So naturally, I gave up on cleaning it.

Total, I spent around $160.  I had a 15% off code AND they were on sale!  But even without all that, they're so much cheaper than similar alternatives.

I think bamboo shades add a lot more to a room than standard white blinds. They add some texture and a more custom feel, I think. And yes, now those family room windows are screaming for some drapery. I actually ordered some a few days ago and I cannot wait to get them! I'll keep you posted...

Like I mentioned in my previous post about these, our backyard is very private, so we went with the unlined version. At night, you can see lights inside, but no real details.  Because of that whole privacy factor, we won't be adding these to the front of the house (especially since the front of the house has nicer, wide wooden white blinds already).

Did you notice a few other little changes??

How sweet is that little terrarium? He's actually pretty fancy... We found him at a local furniture and decor consignment shop over the weekend.  I've seen pretty terrariums (half this size) go for at least $50.  We scored this guy for $20.

I also switched up the lamps to some that I purchased from Target years back.  They were chillin' with some el cheapo-looking plain white drum shades in storage (that I believe came free with some old lamps I got from Homegoods a while back), so I ordered these pleated fabric beauties from Amazon.  I feel like they add even more texture to the room and look a bit more traditional and luxe. I like to mix it up...

Back to the terrarium... I want to put some pretty pink flowers within it. Or maybe just some pretty greenery.

Oh and did you notice another change??

Yep, I painted the back door black (I used black onyx in a high gloss by Glidden). The old plastic blinds that were there before were hiding such a beautiful door! I think the new little terrarium plays off of it well and the whole door itself sort of goes with the French doors in the foyer that lead into my office/sitting room.

Here's a better shot of the lamps...

 And one more shot of the kitchen blinds...

Pretty obsessed with these. I'm absolutely loving how this area of the house has really come together over the last few weeks with just a few new additions. What do you all think? I can't wait to get the drapery up!

Have a wonderful weekend!!